Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rankin Road Home ENERGY STAR Certified!

In 2007, after watching an interview with the late, great folk singer John Denver, I made a personal commitment to have all of our new homes ENERGY STAR certified. This commitment was one way I felt I could have a personal impact on issues of importance to me.

We recently completed a new home on Rankin Road in Cabarrus County, and this house was ENERGY STAR certified. Featuring spray foam insulation, conditioned crawl space and attic, efficient HVAC and windows, this home was given a HERS index of 64. This index means that the home is projected to use 36% less energy than a home built to the current energy code. Coupled with a rate reduction that Duke Energy provides to ENERGY STAR certified homes, the homeowner will enjoy total savings in excess of 40%.

ENERGY STAR requirements are soon becoming even more stringent, and John Marshall Custom Homes will proudly continue to be an ENERGY STAR partner. ENERGY STAR compliant construction is just one way we build a better home.


  1. This is so awesome! I have been trying to help people and their houses become LEED certified .

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